About AQC

Founded in 2005, Avante Quality Corp. is a South Florida Based General & Roof Contracting company.

At Avante Quality Corp, we pride ourselves in our values. Attention, Quality, and Commitment. As a family company, we understand the difference between a house and a home. We ensure to cater to our clients with the Attention to detail of a small family business while providing the Quality of work of the biggest, most expensive construction companies in Miami and that is our continued commitment to this industry and our valued clients.

AQC’s main priority is ensuring every single step of the construction process is taken seriously and handled with professionalism. This approach began much before 2005 through Guillermo Fernandez, the owner/founder of AQC. One can date back to his years working as a designing Structural Engineer in Cuba and Chile from 1986-2000 where he led large development projects such as the Olympic Stadium of East Havana, over a dozen bridges and many more. In the year 2001 he began his journey in the United States and worked towards his American dream of opening his own construction company. As a family man he has always kept the company close to home where his youngest son Eric Fernandez, a graduated Civil Engineer, also picked up on his father’s work ethic and joined forces in the family company.







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