Avante Quality Corp. can fill all your Commercial and Residential Roofing needs! With over years of experience, our family of hard-working specialists can make the roof over your head dry, clean, and safe once more (and we can make the whole process as painless as possible). An Avante Quality Corp. finished commercial project. Avante Quality Corp.. is committed to excellence. We can fill all your Commercial and Whether you need your home re-roofed, your upstairs balconies treated and weatherproofed, your roof cleaned and washed, or any commercial project, the employees who are the extended family of Avante Quality Corp. are trained and experienced on how to do the job quickly, efficiently, correctly and keep it painless for you-the customer.

Commercial Roofs, with almost several years of experience in the business, we can efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill all of your commercial roofing needs. Do you have special business constraints? Call for an estimate and let our professionals develop a solution to finish your project today. Need someone to clean or survey your commercial roof? Don't risk yourself. An Avante Quality Corp. professional can survey and finish your roofing needs. If you prefer preventative maintenance to damage repair, you can hire Avante Quality Corp. to perform periodic inspections and maintenance on the roofs of your commercial properties. By performing routine maintenance, not only can you extend the life of your roof, you can solve any minor details before they become major problems. Whether installing or mounting a roof flashing for your business, repairing leaks, or re-roofing your commercial properties, we have the ability to accomplish the task--however large or small

Residential Roofs, Avante Quality Corp. is committed to making your re-roofing experience hassle-free and painless. We work around your schedule. Do you want us to take care of the work while you are at the office? Or, would you rather that we schedule the work while you are at home? Give your house a face-lift! Choose a color of material that compliments the image of your home. Choose the materials that best suit your tastesned needs. We work with the best materials on the market to ensure that your new roof will last. And with a variety of products and colors available, you can give your home a make-over in the process. Ask us about our new line of lifetime warranty composite roof products! Are you worried about the summer heat? Avante Quality Corp. can spray and clean your existing shake roof. Protect your roof from fire, and clean and protect your home in the process. Do you have a balcony or elevated deck that needs to be cleaned and weatherproofed? We can help protect and preserve your balcony and anything in your exterior residential.

Reflective Roof Program
 UM Hospital Reflective Roof Inform
 FPL Reflective Roof Brochure

Existing roofing surface services and types we provide include:

  • Residential & Commercial (Single family homes, townhouses, churches, etc.)
  • Steep-slope and Low-slope systems
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar Shakes & Shingles
  • Rubber Membrane EPDM
  • Clay Tile
  • Slate
  • Steel

Other, Year in and year out, we frequently find our customers in need of supplementary services while we are working on their home. Because of this, we also specialize in the following services: including insulation, gutters, driveway repair, deck power wash / staining, garage door replacement, exterior painting, window screens, shutters, etc. Other General Contractor Services: Architecture design connection and supervisor, running plans, Inspections, Four points, Mitigation, Estimate Services, etc.