Step of Design / Build Process

Here is an outline of the steps we follow in providing the Design/Build process:

1) In Home Meeting – Initial
a) Listen to Ideas
b) Identify and recommend common trends or products
c) Establish relationship with homeowners

2) Prepare Draft of Proposed Work
a) Use ideas gained from meeting
b) Layout ideas using trends
c) Create a sketch that portrays homeowner(s) wants/needs

3) Return Visit
a) Sit down to discuss prepared draft
b) Eliminate and/or add design ideas to draft
c) Create a final rough draft to start bidding process

4) Bid – Estimating
a) In home meeting with sub-contractors
b) Prepare detailed proposal

5) In Home Meeting – Final
a) Present proposal
b) Discuss all phases of construction
c) Question and answer explaining what to expect

Avante's approach to remodeling includes more than just communicating with our clients. We incorporate these five levels to insure that the project you desire is achieved. Our philosophy behind the Design/Build concept is to listen, create and build a project that will be enjoyed for many years to come.